Welcome to Central Goods and Services Tax, Meerut Zone Official Website

I am very happy to learn that the office of the Chief Commissioner, Central Goods and Services Tax, Meerut Zone, Meerut, which is covering entire region of Uttarakhand state and 17 districts of Uttar Pradesh State having jurisdiction of over 05 (five) Central GST Commissionerate, 03 (Three) Central GST Audit Commissionerate, and 03 (Three) Central GST Appeals Commissionerate is launching its official website. On this important occasion I wish to extend my warm greetings to the officers and staffs of central GST Meerut Zone and all the esteemed users of the website.

I sincerely hope that this official website will serve as a repository of all relevant and latest information regarding Central GST matters for members of Trade and Industry in this zone and the information on administrative matters for the benefit of the departmental officers and staff.


S H Hasan